How do you become a Mason?


Who Can Join?


To qualify for membership, a petitioner must be male, at least 18 years of age, one who believes in the existence of a Supreme Being, of good moral character, motivated to join for reasons unrelated to personal gain or profit, prompted by a favorable opinion of Freemasonry, desirous of earning knowledge and willing to conform to the ancient usages and customs of the fraternity.

How To Join?

Our tradition was to wait for you to seek membership entirely of your own free will and accord. Today, however, we allow our members to selectively invite men of good character, who will be a credit to our Fraternity. But this doesn’t mean that you have to wait to be invited to join the Freemasons of Pennsylvania. Your interest is enough, if you meet the qualifications.

To start the process, you must first submit a
petition for membership. The petition requires two signatures from current Lodge Members. If you don't know a current member (or as we say, you don't know that you know a current lodge member), stop out one Thursday night at 7:30 to introduce yourself and talk to some current Brothers. You may also fill out the Contact Us form to ask to meet with some Freemasons.

Once complete, the petition will be read at a meeting of our Lodge. You will then be visited by a small committee from the Lodge who will ascertain your qualifications and answer any questions you or your family may have regarding Freemasonry. At the next meeting, the members will vote on your petition for membership. Once approved, you will be asked to attend three successive meetings, during which you will learn the teachings of Freemasonry. In ceremonies known as Degrees you will assume your vows of membership.

Why Should You Join?

Every man has his own reason for wanting to be a part of the greatest fraternity in the world. Regardless of your reason, you will benefit from membership, because Freemasonry makes good men better. Look around and you will find much about our history, purpose, and current day programs of education, character development and charity.

To take the next step, you need to submit your petition to the Lodge. If you know a Mason, ask him to help you. Remember: To Be One, Ask One!

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